Hey guys,

So my work just did a big clean out of all their old stock and we were allowed to take whatever we wanted so I took a bunch of stuff I already have to giveaway. I thought this might be better then it all going to the basement only to be crushed in a few years as it’s no longer valuable to us. All the CD’s are in pretty good quality, some still even have their plastic on them.


Must be following me ashweegrayadler (I’ll check)

Reblogs only (can like as reference if you want)

Ends sometime November 5th 2014 (AEST)

There will be 2 winners

Will be picked with a random generator

Must have ask box open and respond within 2 days

I will ship internationally but if you happen to live in Australia I will throw in Express postage and tracking


-signed Twenty One Pilots poster

-Of Mice and Men Restoring Force

-My Chemical Romance May Death Never Stop You

-Gerard Way Hesitant Alien

-Twenty One Pilots Vessel

-Panic at the Disco Pretty Odd

-Panic at the Disco Vices and Virtues

-Panic at the Disco Too Rare to Live, To Rare to Die!

-All Time Low Don’t Panic

-The Amity Affliction Chasing Ghosts

-D at Sea Anchors & Diamonds

-Never Shout Never Time Travel

-The Used Imaginary Enemy

-The Getaway Plan Requiem

-We Came As Romans Tracing Back Roots

 Runner Up

-signed Twenty One Pilots poster (I got a bunch of these because they were going to be trashed)

I know it’s not a lot of stuff but it is free stuff and all good quality! Good luck guys! Any questions ask me :)

Also, thanks to Nat for making my header thingy!



Does anyone have that really odd feeling when you’re alone in your bedroom laying down listening to sad ass music and you just realized how bored you are with life and you want to go on adventures and live and feel free but you just want to fucking die because you don’t see a point anymore and it’s not like you’re sobbing and you’re extremely sad, it’s more of a numb feeling and you simply just want to die idk that’s how I feel these days and yeah


brittana hiatus challenge
→ 11. favorite thing about santana
Her heart. Santana doesn’t open herself up alot but when she does, she has this beautiful heart. I don’t think people give her enough credit for what she does. It’s hard to crack her shell but when someone does, they’re truly lucky to have her a friend. She can say that she doesn’t have a heart all day but we all know she does. She just doesn’t like to be vulnerable.